Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jordan Man Honor Kills Sister Because She Was Seldom Home

And one more honor killing to add to April's list.

From Jordan:

A Jordanian has confessed to slitting his sister's throat and stabbing her 20 times in the face and chest because she was rarely home, apparently “to cleanse the family honor,” police said Tuesday.

“People last night found the body of a girl in her twenties. She had been stabbed 20 times in face and chest before she had her throat slit,” a police spokesman said.

“Police arrested her brother, who confessed to committing the crime because his sister spent so little time at the family home. His confession indicates that he sought to cleanse the family honor.”


Murder is punishable by death in Jordan, but in “honor killings” courts can commute or reduce sentences, particularly if the victim's family asks for leniency.


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