Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Bilking The UK Welfare System- Iraqi Woman Sublets Taxpayer Funded £2 million flat

Another immigrant family bilking UK welfare system, which seems to find nothing wrong in settling welfare recipients in multi-million dollar flats. How absurd is that!

An unemployed Iraqi 'benefit queen' charged £4,000 a week to sublet a taxpayer funded £2million flat, it has been claimed.

Bushra al-Rahimi is claimed to have rented out the flat to a family of Kuwaiti tourists, while also being in receipt of housing benefits from Westminster city council to cover the cost of the city centre five-bedroom property.

Al-Rahimi and her family have now been re-housed at taxpayers' expense in nearby Islington, in a block of flats where another property is let at £5,000 a month.

The alleged offence came to light after director of Lord Estates Hany Hanna was asked to intervene by the head lessor of the flats at Harrowby Court, in a street near Marble Arch, the Sunday Times has reported.

Mr Hanna said when he called at the flat, which is close to Tony Blair’s home in Connaught Square, in the first week of July 2011 a man claiming to be the rightful tenant opened the door - in an e-mail to the head lessor Anthony Slingsby, Mr Hanna said he could tell by his accent he was from Kuwait.
He said he heard the man talking on the phone after he shut the door and was later called by al-Rahimi who asked him to leave. He accused her of committing a fraud and warned her the matter had been reported to Seymour police station.

The rest on the UK Daily Mail.

When are they going to learn.

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