Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Niqab-Clad Aussie Muslim Teen Files Complaint Over Refusal Of Service

There is no reason why a Muslim teenage girl, born and living in Australia, should be wearing a full face-veil (niqab). But Hafsah Negussie has chosen to do so and is now claiming that she was traumatized and that her rights were violated when a BP gas station attendant locked her up in the gas station and refused her service. This happened back in December, the girl is only now filing a complaint. BP has (foolishly) apologized  for the lack of service, but denies that she was locked up. I know who I would believe.

A Muslim teenager in Australia’s second-largest state of Queensland is complaining of being denied service and locked at a service station because of her face-veil (niqab).

“It's so horrific,” teenager Hafsah Negussie told Courier Mail on Monday, April 29.

"I'm Australian, I was born and raised here, I know my rights.”

The case goes back to December last year when Negussie, who dons Islamic face-veil, tried to pay for her goods at a Brisbane service station after a worker refused to serve her.

She also complained that the doors were locked by the attendant when she attempted to leave.

The incident was reported to police but no official report was filed until the Muslim teenager came forward again in April.

A company spokesman for BP service stations said the business required customers to remove helmets, hoodies or large hats before approaching the counter.

He, however, said that the policy did not extend to religious headwear, admitting that the attendant involved had misunderstood business requirements.

"This was regrettable and we wish to apologize most sincerely for this lapse,” he said.

"We are also reminding all our service station staff of our company's approach to religious headgear.”
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Anonymous said...

This is AUSTRALIA mate NOT an ISLAMIC/MUSLIM C0UNTRY. We prefer Bikini’s out here. No hard feelings (we only have those below the belt) ,but If you have something to hide by covering up. Go back to where you came from as this attitude is not welcome here. Surely, you are not being forced to stay here. Cheers

Incognito said...

Problem is, the girl was born in Australia. But I agree.