Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tunisian Husband Forced Wife To Wear Niqab, She Kills Their Baby

How tragic is this.

A Tunisian woman stabbed her two-month old daughter to death to punish her husband for forcing her to wear the niqab, or full-face Islamic veil, Arabic newspaper Al Jomhouria reported Wednesday.

The family lives in M'hamdia, in the Ben Arous governorate.

The woman confessed the murder to police, explaining why she did it. 
You have to wonder would this have happened prior to the Arab Spring? It seems that the inherent chauvinism of the Muslim faith has emboldened many of the men in what once were secular countries. They now feel they have the right to control their women, with Islamic law to back them up.  Wherever Islam rules, women's rights take a huge nosedive.

Source: Ansamed

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