Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saudi Arabia's Anti Domestic Abuse Ad Campaign

"Some things can’t be covered – fighting women’s abuse together."

Is this why the niqab and burka are so popular in Muslim countries?    They would like us to believe that there is little domestic abuse in Islam, but this just isn't so. At least Saudi Arabia is finally acknowledging the problem with an anti-domestic violence ad campaign.

The slogan simply reads: “Some things can’t be covered – fighting women’s abuse together.”
The campaign is backed by the King Khalid Charitable Foundation and aims to “provide legal protection for women and children from abuse in Saudi Arabia.”
In literature for the advert, it admits “the phenomenon of battered women in Saudi Arabia is much greater than apparent”, and encourages Saudis to report cases of violence at locations around the Kingdom including Madinah, Najran, Makkah and Riyadh.

They should add court-mandated domestic violence therapy for the perpetrators, like they do in the US.  And ban niqabs while they're at it.

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