Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Arabs Should Apologize For "Occupation" Of Spain, Says Saudi Author

Hani Nakshabandi, an obviously enlightened Saudi author, addresses (on a UAE TV show) his inflammatory comment about the need for Arabs to apologize for the "occupation" of Spain (after the Umayyad conquests), and his belief that everything written in their history books should be reexamined.

"We present Europe as if it had been immersed in darkness and ignorance, until we came along and ushered in an era of light."
He then mentions that there are villages in the Kingdom with no electricity, and:

 "Wherever you go in the Arab world- in Egypt, in Morocco- you see villages where people still live like cavemen, yet you say that we ushered civilization into Europe?!"
He doesn't mention (that I know of) that there are a boatload of them who still act like cavemen, as well. All the violence in that region is a testament to that.

The interviewer, however, represents how most in the Arab world feel about Muslim imperialism, and the "occupation" of the conquered lands. He tells  Nakshabandi that Islam spread there during the Dark Ages in Europe and asks him about Cordoba. Part of his reply:

 "What kind of civilization did the Arabs leave behind in Andalusia? What did they leave there?"

Nothing, apparently. He says that even the Umayyad Mosque (like the one in Turkey) was originally a church.

This man at least sees the hypocrisy of those who balk at "occupation" (I assume he's referring to Palestine) and think it was perfectly all right for the Muslims to invade and conquer Europe.

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