Friday, August 09, 2013

Huffpo Predicts Perverse #Twogging Will Be The Next Internet Dance Craze

Twerking has become the latest dance fad for those, including Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus, who think shaking their booty is somehow sexy. People have flooded Youtube with videos of their gyrating butts. But it's not sexy, it's obscene. Now "Twerking" has devolved into a horrifyingly disgusting fad that the Huffington Post has coined  #twogging. Yes, it's #twerking on or with dogs. Huffpo seems to think it's funny and has compiled a video of young women twogging away with their canine friends, but it's basically one step from bestiality, and Huffpo somehow thinks this is newsworthy.

In the above video we have compiled several examples of this new trend. If, after watching the video, you feel compelled to try it out yourself, we encourage you practice safe #twogging by only performing for canines you have a previous relationship with and are sure will not be startled into aggression by having an ass shaken in their face.

I refuse to post the video here, it was so appalling, so I am just linking to Huffpo's article, where you can see the video for yourself, if you so choose. They predict it will be the next Internet craze, and, sadly, they are probably right.

This is why our country is looked upon as a sick and perverse nation.

H/T:  Black and Right Youtube Channel

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