Sunday, August 25, 2013

Women Should Never Leave The House, According To Bangladeshi Islamist

According to the Bangladeshi Islamist Emir of Hefajat-e-Islam - Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi- if women truly believe in the Quran they should stay at home. raise kids and never venture out, because Allah says so.

He goes on to explain that women are like tamarind- which makes you salivate. In fact, they're worse than tamarind, and since men have absolutely zero control over their lustful urges, women should hide away so as not to tempt men, including old men. Like the old fool himself, I guess.

Women have no need to leave the house, if they need food they should get their sons or husbands to go shopping. I guess if you're single you should starve.

In other words, stay at home, ignorant, barefoot and pregnant, and live like an indentured slave.

And women should only be educated until 4th or 5th grade, so she at least can do bookkeeping for her hubby.

He makes some other woefully ignorant remarks.

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