Tuesday, August 06, 2013

FL Christian Puppeteer Jailed For Child Porn

There are sickos and hypocrites in every religion including Christianity. Take 58-year-old Ronald William Brown, a Christian ventriloquist/puppeteer based in Pinellas County, Florida, who was arrested last year and just convicted and sentenced to 20 years for possession of child porn, along with probation for life.

Ron is a pervert of particularly skeevy proportions. Homeland Security agents also found photos of bound and gagged and dead children, and he admitted to fantasies of cannibalism. Yes, Ronny confessed to discussing with Michael Arnett, another "alleged child cannibalism enthusiast,"  about "killing, dismembering and eating" a boy at the Gold Coast Church, and "..'snuffing' children as young as two," all the while purporting to be a good Christian man. He often fed kids pizza and drove them to his church. He even performed a puppet act on the Christian children's show "Joy Junction" (he looks young so it was probably quite some years ago) where puppet 'Marty' confesses that some evil kids tried to get him to look at "dirty pictures," but that he resisted because it was spiritually wrong, and even quotes from the Bible.

It seems Ron had a penchant for kiddies dating back to 1998 when some boy's underwear was found in his car after he was stopped for a traffic violation.

Twenty years doesn't seem much for someone who discussed killing and eating children, but he was not convicted on that charge.

They better keep an eye on this man when he's eventually released, if he survives, because who is to say he won't some day follow through on his fantasies.

Source: Mediaite

More info when he was arrested last year.

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