Friday, August 09, 2013

Female Afghan Politican Injured, Young Daughter Killed By Taliban In Ambush

Another female politician attacked in Afghanistan by the Taliban. It's Ramadan, the holiest of Muslim holidays and they still shed blood.  

Senator Rouh Gul Khirzad was driving on the main highway to spend Eid al-Fitr at her home in Nimroz province when her convoy was ambushed en route from Kabul. She was seriously wounded along with her husband, son, and one daughter.  Her 8-year-old daughter and their bodyguard were not so lucky- both were killed during the ambush.

Khirzad has been a senator  in the upper house since the end of 2010. She heads the defense and internal security commission. 

Hanifa Safi, another politican, was killed a year ago when a bomb in her car exploded. Her husband and daughter were injured. There have been more who have been targeted.

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