Sunday, August 04, 2013

Bangladeshi Woman Arrested In Muslim/Hindu "Lesbian" Case

This story out of Bangladesh couldn't be more bizarre. An inter-faith, underage, lesbian same-sex marriage, along with allegations- by the father of the Muslim 22-year-old Sanjida Akter- of  Jinn (evil spirit) possession.  According to her dad, she has eloped before, and he blames a Jinn for turning his daughter into a lesbian at age 9.

Apparently, Sanjida and the 16-year-old Hindu girl met 6 months ago when Sanjida was hired as a tutor. She was fired when the teen's dad noticed they were getting a tad too close:

"I did not like her attitude and told my wife not to allow her at home."
That's when his daughter disappeared.  However, he doesn't buy the homosexual angle, and is convinced his daughter was abducted.

"..[he] claims the relationship is not a homosexual one, but rather a ploy by the older woman to extort money from his family by seducing his daughter.
"Suddenly I received a call demanding 300,000 taka ($38,530) as ransom. I informed the police and they finally located the girls."
The girls beg to differ. When they were arrested they told police they loved each other and that they were "married under Hindu traditions."

Sanjida was arrested on kidnapping charges, although she denies it.

"No one will ever lodge any complaint against me. Not even [this girl] as I did not abduct her. She went with me willingly," she told the newspaper before going to jail.

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