Saturday, August 10, 2013

France Deports Tunisian Islamist Who Threatened Journalists

 After its infamous capitulation during WWII, there might still be hope for France as it continues to grow cojones by deporting those who threaten the country.
France on Friday arrested and deported a Tunisian Islamist suspected of wanting to harm two reporters, the interior ministry said.

The 36-year-old from a Paris suburb was known as being “close” to radical Islam and had “several times shown willingness to take part in the jihad in Syria” with a group linked to Al-Qaeda named Jabhat al Nusra, said the ministry in a statement.

The man was allegedly “implicated in several plans of violence notably relating to two journalists”.

“In light of these elements, this individual constituted a real threat to state and public security,” the ministry said.

Quoted in the statement, Interior Minister Manuel Valls reiterated “France's engagement in fighting terrorism and that people who advocate violence will not be tolerated”.

Back in 2010 they threw out Egyptian hate preacher, Ali Ibrahim al-Sudani. Of course, that was the second time they had deported him.

"This individual very recently reappeared on our territory despite an expulsion order in his name, carried out in January," Hortefeux said in a statement of the former imam of the Hamza mosque, at Pantin outside Paris.

"This hate preacher has repeatedly said violently hostile things about the West that are totally against our society's values," he said.
Apparently no-one knew how he arrived back in France.

France has been deporting extremists for a while, though.  Between 2001 and 2010 they rid themselves of a whopping 129 of them, and last year they kicked out a young Moroccan extremist who was inciting violence.

Unfortunately, I'm sure this will be an ongoing activity, but at least they are doing it. Too bad England doesn't have the balls to do the same thing.  It took the U.K. years before it finally booted Abu Qatada  back to Jordan.

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