Monday, August 12, 2013

UPDATE- Bogus: "Impeach Obama" Peaceful Protesters Arrested In Eureka, CA

UPDATE 8/11/13: It's not often I get fooled by a bogus news report from satire sites like The Onion. The reports are usually so extremely outrageous that a little googling reveals them to be bogus.  I got sloppy on this one. I did question it, but it wasn't so out of the realm of possibility that I didn't bother to research further. I did add "allegedly" and ended with "if this is indeed true," which allows for the possibility the incident did not occur. However, as it turns out, the news site I sourced- National Report- is nothing more than an Onion-wannabee, and a pathetic attempt at satire. My apologies.  The Impeach Obama protests are real.

Six "Impeach Obama" protesters in Eureka, California have allegedly been arrested after being physically and verbally abused. Whether you agree or not with the sentiment, they have a right to peacefully protest. This was part of a nationwide "Overpasses for Obama's Impeachment" campaign, which I was unaware of.

County and city officials in the area have not yet released a statement on the event or the names of those arrested. Communications have been difficult and local media outlets are scrambling for more details.

Passing motorists stated that the arrests took part at the 101/255 exchange just North of downtown at around 7:45pm PST. Local resident Artie Campbell was driving home with his family when 8 police cars drove past him and stopped on the 255 bridge. Artie had this to say of the incident, “I haven’t seen anything like it in my life. The protesters seem to have been minding their business and those police officers did not appear to be local guys.”

 When asked to describe the victims, Mr. Campbell replied “two of them were older ladies and one of them appeared to be a teenage boy. The other three were heavier set middle-aged white men.”

According to Campbell, the officers were taking turns ridiculing the victims and at one point even pepper-sprayed two of the older men before placing them in flex-tie restraints and escorting them to nearby squad cars. Artie referred to the scene as “modern-day fascism” and suggested the officers may have been federal agencts sent directly from the Obama Administration in an attempt to silence opposition.


If this is indeed true, it's incredibly disturbing.


Anonymous said...

Here is a link to the original story:

Incognito said...

thank you, I actually linked to it under source. But you never know.

Anonymous said...

That "original source" is a SATIRE site guys. Their own disclaimer says so. You are propogating a lie.

Incognito said...

Thank you. See my update.

Jason said...

This was proven a hoax, Federal agents directly sent? Pepper sprayed people and the cops didn't look local....says the guy driving by on the highway at what speed? Come on, that is so alarmist and bogus Lets not start posting bogus crap like the liberals are so fond of doing, all it does is give them ammo and it takes away from the legitimacy of your site and cause. Print the truth, the truth can't be disputed.

Incognito said...

Thank you Jason, for your concern, but I guess you missed my update (which I posted in the title AND at the beginning of the post) admitting that it was bogus. It wasn't a hoax, it was a bogus news item published on a pathetic satire site, that I fell for. I felt it was more important to leave the post with the Update, so that anyone googling the story would realize it was fake. Sorry you missed that part of the post. I think I was pretty clear about the mistake.