Monday, August 19, 2013

Fake Deaths And Injuries In Egypt Aired On Al-Jazeera

No doubt there have been casualties in Egypt- that happens when two opposing sides engage in violence as they battle for power. But for a news outlet to stage something to further the agenda of one of those 'sides' is reprehensible. Raymond Ibrahim posted an interesting video demonstrating how some Arab media outlets do just that.

Al-Jazeera videotaped a scene showing a man bandaged and bleeding.  He looks like he is either dead or close to it. In the background you hear a woman screaming, apparently blasting the Egyptian military for "supposedly killing peaceful Brotherhood protesters."  We are to assume that this man was one of those injured or killed by the military. However, at about 8 seconds into the video below, as someone is about to lift the man's shirt to inspect what one would assume to be bullet wounds, you will see the 'unconscious' or 'dead' man raise his left leg and surreptitiously shove the person's hand away, while his eyes and the rest of his body remain immobile.  At :24 seconds the kicking is repeated several times.

How much of this is going on?

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