Thursday, August 29, 2013

Video Of IDF Soldiers and Palestinians Dancing Gangnam Style At Wedding

Interesting video of Israeli IDF troops dancing at a Palestinian wedding. The soldiers could be in trouble, however, because some of the Palestinians might have possible ties to Hamas. 

Would peace be possible if the leaders could just get out of the way of the people?


SnoopyTheGoon said...

"Would peace be possible if the leaders could just get out of the way of the people? "

A periodic cull of politicians is the best way to preserve peace on the planet.

edgarde said...

Americans have propagated plenty of cherry-picked stats in response to Australia's gun laws.

The reality is Australia has never had anything close to the level of per capital gun ownership of the United States (where guns I believe outnumber people), so guns have not been a major factor (either in commission or deterrence) in Australian crime statistics, which have continued to fluctuate both up and down due to other factors.

Of course this doesn't count specific gun-related crimes, which obviously went way down; however, mass shootings have stopped, and have not been replaced with a corresponding increase in mass beheadings, mass automotive over-runnings, or mass lethal sharp stickings. In this sense, the Australian gun laws did achieve their intended goal.

Incognito said...

Thanks Edgarde, but I think you commented on the wrong post. However, it's interesting that Chicago has strict gun control and yet there is a humongous amount of gun crime. I need to go back and look at the video i posted on Aussie gun crime.

Incognito said...

@Snoopy- yes, it does. If people choose the right ones.