Monday, December 29, 2014

Aussie Male Model Joins ISIS in Iraq

You can add Aussie male model, Sharky Jama, to the list foreigners who have up and left their homeland to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.  Jama made his way to Fallujah, Iraq, while a buddy of his, Yusuf Yusuf,  ended up in Raqqa, Syria. Yusuf was a university student.

“Mr Jama’s former social media accounts — including one with the username “thelastkhliafat”, a misspelled reference to an Islamic caliphate — have been deleted, but he maintains a Facebook page under a different name in which he offers his perspectives on Islamic State and life under its banners,” according to the newspaper’s online portal.

On Jama’s modeling agency profile page, he is reportedly described as a “brown-eyed, black-haired man who stands at 5’11” (180cm) and wears a size 38R suit.”

“The materialism displayed in his sample photographs contrasts deeply with his new life and religious views. From his posts and comments, it appears Mr Jama first traveled through Europe after leaving Australia, telling one friend he ‘had to shave’ his beard ‘before crossing borders,’” the newspaper added.
Why?  It's beyond comprehension.  Though the allure of sex slaves might be a factor for young dudes.

The rest here.

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