Saturday, December 13, 2014

Pro-ISIS Tweeter @ShamiWitness Arrested In India

24-year-old Mehdi Masroor Biswas, who is thought to be the popular Pro-ISIS jihadi Tweeter @ShamiWitness has been arrested by police at his apartment in a shishi area of Bangalore, India.

Mehdi had been working as an executive for an Indian food conglomerate during the day, and inciting violence on Twitter at night. He was outed by Britain's Channel 4 News.

Tweets from @ShamiWitness contained jihadist propaganda as well as information for would-be recruits and messages praising fallen fighters as martyrs. Police in Bangalore raided his house in an upscale suburb early Saturday and seized his mobile phone, laptop and other documents for evidence. “On the basis of credible intelligence inputs ... we have apprehended Mehdi Masroor Biswas from his rented oneroom apartment,” police director general L.R. Pachuau said at a news conference. “He has confessed to the fact that he was operating Shami Witness Twitter account for the last many years ... he used to work in the office in the day and became active on the Internet late at night,” he said. India’s moderate population of 150 million Muslims have not often been drawn into sectarian conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere. However, an Indian student was recently charged with terror- related offences after he returned home from Iraq where he is alleged to have worked for the jihadists.


Biswas was “particularly close to English speaking terrorists” and had become a source of “incitement and information” for youngsters trying to join the IS group. “Through his social media propaganda, he abetted IS in its agenda to wage war against the Asiatic powers,” Pachuau said. A preliminary case of abetting war against the state has been registered against Biswas.

Other jihadi ISIS Tweeters are probably crawling under rocks about now.

Well done India.

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