Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam Back On Tour After 35 Plus Years

I used to love Cat Stevens, until he abandoned music for Islam in 1977 and changed his name to Yusuf Islam. He also happened to support Iran's death fatwa against writer Salman Rushdie way back in the late 1980s by quoting the Quran regarding blasphemy. Though he claims he did not actually support the fatwa, per se, it's the same thing really. If you quote a verse from Islam's holiest of books that calls for death for blasphemy, you support it.

He ventured back into pop music back in 2006 with the release of a new album, and is finally back on tour after all these decades.

His North American tour is called "The Peace Train... Late again" and the first one in 38 years.

He's 66.

Here's an article about his sold out Canadian concert.

Here's some interesting information on the fatwa incident and what Yusuf/Cat has been doing since.

H/T Tarek Fatah

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