Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Birth Control Is Treason, Claims Turkey's Prez Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and other conservative politicians there have been coming out with some doozies recently. Women shouldn't laugh in public. Women are not equal to men. Gender equality leads to more suicides. Now Erdogan has said that promoting birth control is "treason".

Erdogan made the comments on Sunday, addressing the bride and groom at the wedding ceremony of the son of businessman Mustafa Kefeli who is one his close allies.

He told the newly-weds that using birth control was a betrayal of Turkey’s ambition to make itself a flourishing nation with an expanding young population.

“One or two (children) is not enough. To make our nation stronger, we need a more dynamic and younger population. We need this to take Turkey above the level of modern civilizations,” Erdogan said.

“In this country, they (opponents) have been engaged in the treason of birth control for years and sought to dry up our generation,” Erdogan said.

Erdogan went on to praise marriage and said: “Marriage is a long journey. There are good days and bad days. Good days become more frequent as we share them and bad days finally bring happiness if we are patient.”

“One (child) means loneliness, two means rivalry, three means balance and four means abundance. And God takes care of the rest,” he added, in comments reported by the Dogan news agency, which also posted a video of his speech.
Now that's waging a war on women.

 Guess he didn't get the memo that three's a crowd.

The man has two boys and two girls.

Turkey's population is 76 million.

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