Sunday, December 21, 2014

French Journalist Castigated For Claiming Muslims Don't Assimilate

No stranger to controversy, Eric Zemmour, a French journalist, has been blasted for simply stating a truth: that the "Muslims kept to themselves in the suburbs" and as a result the "French were forced to move out." This has been happening everywhere in Europe where Muslim immigrants congregate. They make it virtually impossible for non-Muslims to live there. This is not racism, this is not Islamophobia, this their choice, it's something they've brought upon themselves by choosing not to integrate and assimilate.

As a result of his comments during an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, he has become persona non grata.

The iTELE channel said late Friday that Zemmour would not be invited back to a chat show he has been appearing in since 2003 following an outcry over his latest remarks.
Zemmour, who recently published a best-seller titled “The French Suicide,” is no stranger to polemics and has been convicted of inciting racial hatred.


Zemmour is a well-known media commentator and columnist for Le Figaro newspaper who prides himself on his outspoken defiance of what he deems politically correct, woolly liberals.

Zemmour’s parents are Jewish Berbers who emigrated from Algeria in the 1950s.

France is home to five million Muslims, the largest population in Europe. It also has the largest Jewish diaspora on the continent.

The SNJ journalists union hailed the “strong decision” taken by the television channel, a position taken by SOS Racisme, an anti-racism watchdog.
Source: Al Arabiya

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