Sunday, December 14, 2014

Turkish Police Raid Media Outlets Of Erdogan's Rival Fethullah Gulen

In a nationwide raid, 23 people affiliated with Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen have been arrested. Gulen- who is now based in the U.S.- was a former ally-turned-critic of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. In what they termed "anti-terrorism" the police raided media outlets, including a TV station and the Anatolia news agency.  There were also attempts to raid the Zaman Daily, but crowds prevented that from happening. Some of those detained were an executive, producers and directors of the TV station, and employees of the state-run Anatolia news agency.  This seems to be payback for investigations into a mega bribery and corruption scandal involving members of Erdogan's administration.

The raids on Zaman newspaper and Samanyolu television marked an escalation of Erdogan's battle with former ally Gulen, with whom he has been in open conflict since a graft investigation targeting Erdogan's inner circle emerged a year ago.

"The free press cannot be silenced," a crowd chanted at the offices of Zaman as its editor Ekrem Dumanli made a speech defiantly challenging police to detain him, while elsewhere in Istanbul the chairman of Samanyolu TV was being detained.

"This is a shameful sight for Turkey," Samanyolu TV group chairman Hidayet Karaca told reporters just before he himself was held.

"Sadly in 21st Century Turkey this is the treatment they dish out to a media group with tens of television and radio stations, internet media and magazines."

Media reports said arrest warrants had been issued for 32 people. State broadcaster TRT Haber said 23 people had been detained in raids across EU-candidate Turkey, including two former police chiefs. As well as Karaca, a television producer, a director and scriptwriters were held.
More interesting info here regarding the arrests and the Gulen/Erdogan battle.

Tell me why Turkey deserves to join the E.U.?

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