Friday, December 26, 2014

Dad Gave 13-Year-Old Daughter To Boko Haram As Suicide Bomber

Nigeria's Boko Haram, is as abhorrent as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). ISIS might have taken center stage recently, but Boko Haram is still doing major evil.  They're using young girls as suicide bombers. In fact, one 13-year-old claims after her father handed her over to them, she was sent off to Kano (in the north) with a suicide bomb, which she refused to detonate. She was subsequently arrested. And she's not the only young female who has been used by the extremists to carry out suicide bomb attacks.

The girl told a news conference Wednesday night that she saw many people being buried alive at the Boko Haram camp where her father took her in Bauchi state, east of Kano.

She said her captors asked if she wanted to go to paradise and, when she said yes, explained she would have to be a suicide bomber.

"When I was told I would have to die to enter paradise, that I would have to explode a bomb and die, I said I cannot do it," she said.

When they threatened to kill her, she allowed them to strap her into a vest primed with explosives, saying "I was afraid to be buried alive."

Two other girls detonated their bombs at Kano's textile market on Dec. 10. Police said the attack killed four people and wounded seven, including the girl.

Police Superintendent Adenrele Shinaba said the girl was arrested in the hospital with a leg wound. A taxi driver took her to the hospital, and she said she left her suicide vest on the seat. The driver alerted police.
Shinaba said she will remain in custody while investigations continue. He said they had been unable to find her father, who the girl said belongs to Boko Haram
219 of the 276 kidnapped boarding schoolgirls Boko Haram kidnapped are still missing.

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