Monday, December 22, 2014

Life Is "Awesome" Claims Rocker Turned ISIS Recruiter Of Women

Remember 52-year-old Brit Muslim convert, former rocker-turned-jihadi wife Sally Jones, aka Sakinah Hussain? The woman who ran off to join her 20-year-old computer hacker-turned-jihadi hubby in Syria who said she wanted to behead Christians? Well, she's back in the news.

According to an investigative report by the British weekly, the Sunday Times, Jones/Hussain is now involved in recruiting women to travel to Syria to marry and bed all the hordes of jihadis fighting over there. Kind of like a Muslim matchmaker of sorts.  Guess there aren't enough sex slaves to satisfy the militants' lust.

Posing as a 17-year-old girl Aisha, Jones told her that her "sins would be forgotten."

“At the end of the day if you’re Muslim you gave to get out of ul kufr [the land of the disbelievers] to please Allah if you can [sic],” she unsuspectedly told the Sunday Times in a message.
They initially contacted Jones via Twitter, while she still had her account UmmHussainAlBritani 
@UmmHussain101.  As of now, it's suspended.

Aisha, according to the Times, expressed concerns over the true identity of a certain Abu Abbas al-Lubnani, a name provided by Jones who would set up the meeting in which Aisha would receive money to facilitate the travel of two girls to Turkey.

“U have [to] give the bros name to Western Union as the collector. Listen if he’s giving u money to help u make hijrah [holy migration] dw [don’t worry] sis. He needs ur passport pics to check u aint spys or police cos hed get in big trouble if u was so dw ok just meet his brother and get the money,” Jones told the Sunday Times reporters.

According to Jones, who said she did not know Lubnani, girls would often receive the money but would never travel.

Her remarks mirrored those of Lubnani who according to the Times said: “people send money to girls to make hijrah and they take the money but dont come my sis said.”
As for what life will be like living in the land of Sham? It's "awesome." If you like the subservient life.

“Women dont have careers sis under sharia law . . . We are wives we are expected to look after our men.”

"They look after u. U will never want for money again u live a good life here. U need to get married to get a house im just being honest with u but there are loads of men.”
Source Al Arabiya.

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