Thursday, December 04, 2014

French Jihadists Want To Go Home Because Their iPods Don't Work

French ISIS jihadists are getting tired of Syria because their iPods are no longer working, or because they're being forced to perform menial tasks rather than getting some action, or because they don't know how to fight and are being sent to the front lines.

Or so they say.

"I'm fed up. My iPod doesn't work any more here. I have to come back," wrote one Frenchman, complaining about his mission to fight in Syria.

A series of letters from foreign militants seen by Le Figaro newspaper have given a rare glimpse into the lives of the fighters unhappy with their situation, with some begging for advice on how to return home.

Others are unhappy with the duties they have been given to carry out.

"I've basically done nothing except hand out clothes and food," wrote one, who wants to return from Aleppo, according to Le Figaro. "I also help clean weapons and transport dead bodies from the front. Winter's arrived here. It's begun to get really hard."

Another wrote: "I'm fed up. They make me do the washing up."

And another letter revealed how one man is being sent to the frontline, despite his apparent objection.

"They want to send me to the front, but I don't know how to fight."
It could be true- these Western-raised scumbags might be fed up- or it could be a ruse to be allowed to return to France so they can raise hell from the comfort of their homes. 100 have already gone back 76 of those are spending time in jail. There are still 376 or so jihadists from France in Syria.

So their i-Pods don't work. Well, boohoo.  Too bad. If they're not killed in Syria, they should all be jailed upon return.

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