Friday, December 19, 2014

Leaked Death Scene From "The Interview"

Sony Pictures has set a terrible precedent by pulling its Kim Jong-un comedy "The Interview." What next? Are we going to cave every time we're threatened by a bunch of hackers/terrorists?  This kind of capitulation will ultimately lead to the demise of freedom of expression.

This was apparently a stupid movie, but in a free country I should have the right to waste my money on a silly film if I so choose, but in this case I won't.

Are we now going to censor ourselves with all creative endeavours because we're afraid we'll ruffle the feathers of  commies and Islamic radicals.  I can see it now- no more films about the Middle east, either.

We know North Korea was behind the Sony hack, they've been bitching about the release for a long time. They called it an "act of war" back in June. Who else would have a vested interest in preventing its release? And what hypocrisy. This was simply a Hollywood-made movie, North Korea has created state-sponsored propaganda films showing the bombing of the White House, and calling for nuking the Yankees.

And the caving has already started. Paramount Pictures just canceled the showing of "Team America- World Police." The film featured Kim Jong-un's equally evil dad Kim Jong-il.

At least three movie theaters that planned to show "Team America" say Paramount Pictures has canceled the 2004 comedy from public screening.

Cleveland's Capitol Theatre, Dallas-Fort Worth's Alamo Drafthouse and Atlanta's Plaza Atlanta wrote that Paramount pulled the movie on Thursday.

"This was a weird coincidence for us," Dave Huffman, director of Marketing at Cleveland Cinemas, which operates the Capitol Theatre, told the Huffington Post. "We had the film booked all the way back in October as part of our midnight cult series and it was scheduled to play June 20, 2015. We got an email shortly after 1 p.m saying the film was pulled from release."

Some theaters, like the Alamo Drafthouse, had planned to show "Team America" in the wake of Sony canceling "The Interview."
Since we won't be seeing "The Interview" any time soon, here's a link to the leaked death of Kim Jong-un on YouTube. Not sure how long it will remain, however.

It's a sad day for creative expression.

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