Friday, May 04, 2007

1st Republican Debate or who the heck do we vote for?

In my humble (somewhat biased) opinion, the 10 Republican candidates fared far better than their Democratic counterparts, but I still didn't come away with any clear idea of who I might vote for in 2008.

THE LIST OF CANDIDATES: (not in order of preference)

Former Gov. Tommy Thompson, WI
Former Gov. Mitt Romney, MA
Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, NY
Rep. Tom Tancredo, CO
Sen. Sam Brownback, KS
Former Gov. Mike Huckabee, AR
Sen. John McCain, AZ
Rep. Duncan Hunter, CA
Former Gov. Jim Gilmore, VA
Rep. Ron Paul, TX

All handled themselves relatively well, though Rep. Ron (I'm really a Libertarian) Paul distanced himself from the pack with his 'anti-Iraq War' rhetoric, which he continues to tout, though not as vociferously as our Democratic pals. In this day and age one of the most important issues, for me at least, is a strong foreign policy and an uncompromising take on the "war on terror", and Paul, an adherent of non-intervention, aced himself out of my vote. Not that he ever had it. Non-intervention is perfectly fine for isolationists, but we're not. We live in a global village, our lives inextricably linked with those of our fellow earthlings, through our dependency on foreign oil and other products, so those who are stronger are forced to become the protectors of the weaker, less able ones. It's a moral imperative, in my mind.

Of all the candidates, the top 3 (Giuliani, McCain and Romney) remain the top 3, with Romney emerging the strongest and McCain the least, during these debates. The others don't have enough 'name and personality' power to ever win the Primary, so I wouldn't even consider them, regardless of their potential worthiness. The Republican candidate needs to be someone who can win, in 2008, which isn't going to be an easy task. It's going to be an uphill battle for various reasons:

1. The Democrats will do anything to win the Presidency. They've already experienced the sweet taste of victory, these past elections, and they're not going to settle for majority.

2. The left's contempt for the Bush legacy (particularly the Iraq War) and its influence on the American people.

3. The 'Star' power of la Clinton and B.O., and their respective, humongous war chests.

Even though both Clinton and O'Bama have their major detractors, either or could still win, and that would be disastrous. And if they can get over their antipathy for each other and eventually join forces, it would be an incredibly powerful partnership, at least as far as potential voter appeal goes. I'm still hoping they cancel each other out, but that might not happen. So, we are left with who would be the most formidable opponent for a Clinton or Obama or Clinton/Obama team, and I still come up blank. For now.

Maybe Fred Thompson will throw in his hat, and that could very well change the dynamics.

Run, Fred, Run.

But it all remains to be seen.


Pat Jenkins said...

a conservative dilemma, must vote for the best man instead of a conservative voice,at least for now

MUD said...

Mitt sounds pretty good from a more or less middle of the road stand point. What scares me is the Clinton/Obama ticket. They will own the White House if they kiss and make up. The scary part is that Obama may take the second seat so he will inherit the seat after Hillary/Bill's 8 years. Brrrrrrr..... MUD

Blazing Cat Fur said...

The culture cries out for ...Pat Paulsen!

Liberal White Boy said...

Yes were all sitting on the edge of our seats in anticipation.

Incognito said...

It is a dilemma PAT, but I still consider myself a moderate, so that's not as much of an issue with me. I just think we've had it with Democratic Prez AND majority.

Totally agree with you, MUD, but I don't think Mitt can win because most people won't be able to put aside his Mormonism, though it really shouldn't have any bearing whatsoever.

BCF- :-) he has a website... maybe someone can channel him.

I'm sure you are LWB! With baited breath.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

Roseanne had some very unflattering things to say about Mitt. given her failure to endorse him his candidacy is doomed.

Panhandle Poet said...

Run, Fred, run! He gave a great speech to the Lincoln Club. I've a link to it on my site, or you can find it at

Incognito said...

Really, BCF? Then again, Roseanne would probably have very unflattering things to say about any Republican candidate.

PANHANDLE: Thanks I will check it out!!

Anonymous said...

While driving tonight I was listening to C-Span radio and they had two speeches by Repbulican Candidates; Giuliani and Fred Thompson. It was Giuliani at the Citadel Commencement and Fred jsut speaking to some politicos. There was nothing wrong with Giuliani's speech. It was after all a commencement speech. But Fred Thompson's speech was just both content an rhetoric. I like the guy.

Incognito said...

I like Giuliani, I like Mitt, not sure about McCain... and Fred is a definite contender, if he runs.. but again, it's all about who can beat the current Dem candidates.