Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Palestinian Housewife's perspective on imposter Mickey

"Peace for Palestine", hosted by a Palestinian housewife, is a blog I have spoken about in the past.

She, too, has written about Farfour 'the mouse' and "Tomorrow's Pioneers"- from the Palestinian perspective, of course, which is (surprise, surprise) the polar opposite of how the majority of the world has responded to his message of domination and hate.
"I find it kind of ridicules, if anyone in the media got carried away over the recent Mickey Mouse look-like named "Farfour," that was portrayed on Palestinian television. It is kind of like making a mountain out of a mole hill, the way the global media ran with it as a big deal, when they should be looking at the growing pornography, vulgar language, racism, propaganda and out right slander being more portrayed in every facet of their media."

Making a mountain out of mole hill? Really, Madame Peace4Palestine? Getting carried away? I didn't see massive demonstrations calling for "death to Muslims". No mosques burned down. No people killed. There was a flurry of criticism and outrage, yes, and rightfully so, but nothing more. I don't think there were even calls for its removal. And the media was "looking at" the inherent racism and Islamic propaganda in "Tomorrow's Pioneers". And there's plenty of both!
"Less we forget, the Danish cartoon’s that slandered the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), last year."
Yes, let's not forget the violence and chaos that erupted after the publication of the Danish cartoons. The burning down of churches; nuns killed in retaliation; the call to boycott all things Danish; the demonstrations calling for death to those who insult Islam. Yes, let's not forget!

"Myself and I am sure I am not alone, thought the instance of Mickey Mouse being portrayed as a Militant was more of a joke and nothing less; then to have a good laugh and let it go it’s way like most things of this caliber."
A joke?? Well, it's a recklessly stupid joke to be sharing with impressionable children. This programme was for kids, not adults. In my humble opinion, your sense of humour stinks. And it hasn't gone away, because it's back on the air, poisoning the minds of Palestinian children, once again.
"If anyone truly wishes to make a big deal about a small thing, they really need to get out and experience what the world is really about or better yet go have a good cup a coffee towards seeing life for it’s beauty and not always it’s grim view."
I tell you what, Housewife4Palestine, if you stop making a federal case about things like cartoons that lampoon Muhammad, or forcing people (out of fear) to change the "3 Little Pigs" to the "3 Little Puppies", then I won't make a big deal out of Farfour telling kids to aspire to Islamic world domination. How about that? I am also going to recommend that you take your own advice and look to life for its beauty, through eyes of love not hate.

"Lastly, the Zionist and their buddies’ that had a field day with this, it figure’s; any little discarded scrape will do."
I find it fascinating how so in denial these people are.

Joke, indeed!


Blazing Cat Fur said...

Lord love a duck, what a whackjob.

MUD said...

Sounds like the same old stuff from the same old nuts. MUD

Pat Jenkins said...

keep preachin' it sista!!

Joe B. said...

Wow, what a nut. Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

Incognito said...

Yes, she's 'out there', fore sure. And probably many more like her.

Love that, Joe B.. denial is not just a river in Egypt.

Righty64 said...

Ahh, yes, I am sure that this what what Walt Disney had in mind! Oh, I guess that is the real meaning of the Disney attraction, "Its A Small World."!

Incognito said...

Unfortunately,Righty64, it's a way too small world, when you have fanatics that are just a plane flight away!

All_I_Can_Stands said...

Great post. My old friend PHW would be quite offended if as a "joke" a Mickey Mouse looking character were advocating Zionism or torture at Gitmo. I have come to the conclusion she is not curable.

Incognito said...

No, honey,she isn't. I had forgotten that's where I learned of your blog!
I tried to engage her, but she is too far gone. Of course she would be offended if it was the reverse, as you say.

I suppose it's not her fault, in a way. If the whole population has learned to hate, hard to be the only one who doesn't.

velvethammer said...

"Peace for Palestine" is a joke but I am not laughing.

Incognito said...

Indeed, it's a joke Velvet, because the Palestinians will never let it happen.
I don't think many people are laughing.