Friday, May 18, 2007


Just wanted to warn everyone, that the new AUTOSAVE feature does not work!

I worked on a Post last night, that I planned on publishing today, when I went to publish it I found a blank page! Zippo. The only thing left was the Title. I even manually saved the sucker.

Very annoying, but be careful about saving drafts until they become aware of the problem, otherwise you will waste precious hours.

I am going to assume that if this gets published, the problem is with saving to draft.


I just tried a test post, and the Autosave got stuck, so it only saved up until it got stuck.


Panhandle Poet said...

I noticed the same thing last night. I tested on a few words and it seemed wonky so I backed away.

T said...

Oh man, -I was all excited because I thought you wrote "AutoSlave"...

I usually 'copy' (by habit) every couple of paragraphs, just in case.

Incognito said...

I had no idea there were any problems, because it seemed to be *saving* fine. I even manually saved the post as well. Kept checking the draft to make sure everything was okay, as I usually do, because like you T, after several times of losing posts, in the past, I started to save every few minutes. Trying to reconstruct what you wrote, plus adding links and images was a major pain.
The post was there when I went to bed. Gone when I woke up this a.m. Very, very annoying!

Autoslave.. :-) Aren't we all. At least those of us who live in commuter type cities?


Well, thing

T said...

I'm definitely an Autoslave. I drive from the SoCal High Desert to the San Berdo Mountains M - F. Beautiful, long 1-hour drive each way.

Your posts are pretty complex. I can see how the lack of a 'save' feature can be a big problem. You must have plenty of time or are a fast (and very good, by the way) writer.

My brain can "drive" pretty far, but my will to "spill it out" usually gets interrupted by family, golf or a good book.

Incognito said...

Wow, that's a hike, T! But at least it's scenic. Definitely need a car in CA.

Thanks for your kind words... actually I'm not that fast.. I like to research my posts.. and As an actress I do have plenty of down time. :-) Good and bad.