Sunday, May 13, 2007

Iranian woman fights back

I found this on Publius Pundit:

"A friend in Iran sent me the follow videoclip showing a maverick Iranian girl fighting back against the attempt of a black ninja (Islamist Bassiji and Hezbollah militiawomen) to arrest her over her "non-respect of Islamic dress code".

I had a good laugh at this very short video. Nice to see there are those in Iran who are not giving in!!


Blazing Cat Fur said...

Man this is better tha G.L.O.W., but seriously good for her.

Incognito said...

I just thought it was such a hoot.
Brave girl!

WomanHonorThyself said...

Good Lord..and the Libs defend that country and its madness!..
great find hun!!

Anonymous said...

Thats Quality!

peddlinshutterbug said...

good for her! These islamist governed countries are so rotton to their women. IMAGINE the power if hollywood and the so-called 'women's rights activists' were even HALF as motivated as they are about murdering their unborn babies....they could be picketing, protesting and marching to defend women like this woman in the video.

Panhandle Poet said...

Give that girl a medal!

Incognito said...

Yup, they do, Angel, and it's madness!

ODP.. I agree.. though the quality of the video isn't that great. Looks like those guys must have taped from their cell. They're giggles, made it even funnier for me.

She does indeed deserve a medal, PAN, because those ninjas can be nasty.

Hey Peddlin. It's the height of liberal hypocrisy. You'll notice they rarely stand up for women's rights in developing countries!

PaulaBXX said...

Maybe I have a sense of humour faliure, but I found it disturbing. Especially the kick. Hmm. Women fighting each other on the streets, it's just so screwed up

Incognito said...

I can see your point, Miss Paula, the kick was a bit much, but if you look at it in context.....

this was a woman who was about to be arrested. and we don't know what the Iranian Bassiji (the woman in black) might have physically done to the young woman before she retaliated. If she was about to be arrested (for goodness knows what stupid reason),then perhaps she was defending herself. She was wearing a scarf, but if you notice it had fallen back off of her head. Had the woman in black grabbed at her?

And rather than retreat, the woman in black follows her to the car. We obviously don't know what the lads, who videotaped it, were saying, but the fact they were laughing, indicates that they were probably delighted to see someone stand up for themselves.

I think that if we had women and men roaming our streets making sure the female citizens were adhering to some state-dictated moral dress code (and in some countries, though I'm not sure in Iran, they actually will beat women if an ankle is showing) perhaps we might over-react, as well.

Perhaps I relate too much to the young woman. The idea of being forced to dress a certain way is abhorrent to me.

Thanks for your perspective! :-)