Wednesday, May 16, 2007

P.M. John Howard sez Muslims must assimilate

Good news coming out of Australia today! Prime Minister John Howard has said that it's incumbent upon all new citizens to try and assimilate. So, in an effort to prevent radicalism from taking root, the government is allocating $461,000 to programmes that help those in Muslim communities do just that.
"I think it's in the interests of everybody. There's every reason to try and assimilate - and I unapologetically use that word 'assimilate' - a section of the community, a tiny minority of whose members have caused concern. After all, once somebody's become a citizen of this country the best thing we can do is to absorb them in the mainstream."
Denying that he was advocating assimilation of people's religious beliefs he added that:

"The reason that religion is used as a descriptor is it's a small category of radical Muslims that have adopted attitudes that we think are bad for the country and the most sensible thing to do is try and change those attitudes."
This is what I love about John Howard and the Aussies. They have no compunction, whatsoever, about asking immigrants to commit to making the necessary changes needed to become fully integrated members of Aussie society. It's not much to ask, and every country has the right to expect their citizens to adapt to the rules and regulations of that country, not the other way around.

They're not asking the Muslims to give up their religion, they're just asking them to embrace their new homeland and all that entails. Radicalization has the opportunity to grow and flourish in communities that separate themselves from society, because those individuals have no loyalty outside of those 'communities'.

The Australians are very wise and brave to insist that those who wish to live there need to make the effort to assimilate. Hopefully other countries will follow suit. Then, and only then, will there be hope of stopping the spread of radical Islam.


Pat Jenkins said...

hey incog, i was wondering if you say the article on the beauty pill.
taken along with some botox ( reffering to you're old post) you then have no worries !!!

Panhandle Poet said...

Assimilation is the antithesis of radical Islam -- just won't happen. The only assimilation they will accept is of the rest of us into their belief system. Then they will require you to prove your committment by strapping a bomb on and blowing up yourself and a bunch of unbelievers. If John Howard believes he can assimilate them, he's naive.

MUD said...

Aussies are not naive, they are head strong. Immigrants will either assimilate or be invited to go home.
This is just how it should be. I wish them well.

Papa J said...

I spent two years of my life as a Mormon missionary trying to convert other people. Some of what I learned is this: You can not changes someone else's mind without there at least being a serious desire on there part to reason. You can not force anyone to believe what you believe. If someone is intolerant, they will not even listen to you politely telling them you can agree to disagree, they will yell you down until you leave.

I've said it before, the only way the radical jihadists will be happy is if they blow us up or we convert.

Probably in that order.

Incognito said...

No PAT, I haven't. Is this for real?

PAN: Yes, it is the antithesis, but as MUD said, they have already told those who do *not* wish to adapt, and who wish to establish Sharia law in Australia, to get out. They might not leave without a fight, but I do believe the Aussies are courageous enough to boot them out, if they don't.

PAPAJ: And you've hit it on the nose. The difference between Christian missionaries of *today* and the jihadists is that they won't blow up someone who refuses to convert. But the threat of violence (at least in the old days) did force many to convert, against their will. A lot of Jews were forced to convert to Catholicism during the Spanish Inquisition. But again, that was centuries ago.

MUD said...

Just makes me kind of wonder what our Crusades were really like and how much or our killing and unwillingness to share Jerusalem made them a little hard line. It is kind of like an Aston Martin. When you first see it you think of the beauty and grace. Then you see the price sticker and see that it gets 12 MPG on Hi grade gas and carries a luxury tax. Can't afford to drive one and don't want to be the other. MUD

Incognito said...

:-) on your analogy, MUD. The Muslims were in Jerusalem when the Crusades went to recapture. Think they kinda refused to share, as well. I think they have always wanted to take over the world, because that what the Koran dictates.

Billy T. Johnson said...

"Radicalization has the opportunity to grow and flourish in communities that separate themselves from society...."

The Book of Proverbs puts it a different way; "One who isolates himself seeks his own desires."