Friday, May 11, 2007

Chinese love their dogs too!

When I saw this photo of a Chinese woman walking her pet dog in a Santa suit, down an empty Beijing street, it reminded me of a past post re. pet dogs being destroyed in China, and the ensuing arguments in the comment section about whether the Chinese hold their pets with as much esteem as, say, we do.

I figure if they are willing to humanize their doggies by buying clothing for them, they aren't going to end up in their chow mein, some day, so they MUST love them as much as we do.
I figured as much.

(AP Photo/Elizabeth Dalziel)


Paula said...

Ha ha, just fattening the poor doggie up for Christmas me suspects!

Papa J said...

I'm with Paula. Maybe they couldn't afford the goose.

Chris McClure aka Panhandle Poet said...

Meals on Wheels! -- oops, Legs!

Unknown said...

Christmas Pudding! Oriental style!

T said...

You guys are all wrong about the doggie in the pic, -everyone knows the Chinese prefer the taste of Labradors!

Incognito said...

Y'all are reaaaally baaaaad!
I'm gonna stick to thinking that pooch isn't destined for the wok.

Troika said...

I'm sure they treat their dogs better than Jews treat Arabs. Also better than than Americans and British treat prisoners.

According to your last post 50,000 dogs were killed in Yunan last year. Is this really an issue when hundreds of thousands of people have died in Iraq? You probably value those Arabs as much as you do your pets.

Incognito said...

Ha! The Daily Telegraph? What a joke. Wishful thinking, lad?

And how brave of you to have disabled the comments section on your blog for 'outsiders'.