Thursday, May 03, 2007

CENSORSHIP ALERT! Finnish blogger's free speech threatened

The following comment was left on the Vigilant Freedom blog:

"I found your blog via the Gates of Vienna, which I found by googling my name. Information concerning the case is spreading fast and will no doubt find its way in mainstream media very soon. I decided to discuss the issue in the blogosphere first and talk to the mainstream media only after they ask for an interview. The blogosphere is better than Big Media because bloggers are generally more intelligent and more honest. Mainstream media systematically lies about all issues regarding Islam. For example, the Muslims who burned ten thousand cars and dozens of buildings in France during the Ramadan riots of 2005 were described as “youth” in the media, and the slogan Sarkozy, sale juif! [Sarkozy, dirty Jew!] that the Muslims shouted repeatedly was not mentioned in mainstream media at all, or was quoted in the newspapers as “Sarkozy, fasciste!” as if the Muslims somehow opposed fascism.The main point that I have been trying to make in my blog is that the Muslims ARE fascists who want to kill Jews, atheists, homosexuals, etc.Trying to prosecute me for saying that Islam is a totalitarian ideology is like trying to sue someone for saying Hitler was a Nazi."

Sound familiar? Remember Egyptian blogger Kareem, sentenced to 4 years in jail for criticizing Islam and Mubarak? Sound like this is coming from somewhere in the Middle East? Nope! This time, it's Finnish blogger Mikko Ellilä who could be raked over the coals for his views on Islam.

He writes
"I received a letter from the municipal police department saying they want to interrogate me because of the anti-Muslim, pro-Israeli, pro-European, pro-American posts in my blog.According to the letter, I am suspected of “hate speech” merely because I have pointed out that Islam is a fascist ideology ...."
According to another Finnish blogger Vasarahammer,
"Finnish penal code contains a law that criminalizes incitement against a group of people. Here’s an inadequate translation of that law (Criminal code section 11 paragraph 8) Whoever publicly distributes statements or other information that threatens or abuses some national, racial, ethnic or religious group or group of people that can be regarded as such, shall be sentenced for incitement against a group of people to pay a fine or imprisoned with maximum penalty of two years."

All of this from progressive, democratic Finland, which ranked #1 out of 168 countries (along with Iceland, Ireland and the Netherlands) in Reporters Without Borders 2006 Press Freedom Index.

If it can happen there, it can happen here. Gates of Vienna also has an interesting post regarding the recently passed "Hate Crimes" bill, that could have serious consequences in this country.

To help Mikko you can write or email the Finnish Deputy Chief of Mission in D.C., Mrs. Anne Lammila, 202-298-5803. I just emailed.

Gates of Vienna: Finland Cracks Down has most of the up to date information regarding Mikko.


WomanHonorThyself said...

youre so can happen here!..great read!

MUD said...

OK, let me say again that they have started with Don Imus. He is a horses ass and was fired for what he said. Free speech lost round one. Next will be the hate speech in Rap Music, then speech in comedy clubs and then on blogs. We are on that slippery slope now.
However, Again I say that our free speech is not world wide and while we have the right to say how stupid their laws are, they don't. We have every right o be critical but need to understand that we would not stand for a system that they are forced to live with.

Danny Wright said...

Can you explain to me why you call yourself incognito again?

Bert Bananas said...

What should we help the Finn do? No need to send him cell phones... He doesn't need vodka... Skiing lessons? Probably not.

What to do to help... How about I diet and work out so that when push comes to shove, I'll be a more worthy opponent to the foes of Free Speech.

"Free Speech" is such a personal issue. I have no problem denying Islamo-Fascists the right to free speech. Pretty unfair of me, isn't it?

Incognito said...

Yes, I suppose it is already happening here, MUD, to a certain extent, but I don't think anyone is being hauled in, yet, for writing anything critical of our government or Islam. My point was to illustrate that if something like this can happen in Finland, it could happen here. And what happens in Europe will eventually affect us in this country.

Um.. is that a rhetorical question DANNY? :-) I don't have the courage to tell my colleagues etc. where I stand politically, because I feel it will affect my job prospects. I have been privy to too many conservative bashing sessions. That's why I admire those people who do have the courage to be open about their identities. Does that answer your question? :-) I did email Mrs. Lammila using my real name.

Incognito said...

Nope, Bert, absolutely right... after all they have Nokia, but sending an email couldn't hurt. Would never ask you to give up King Buffet. ;-)

World pressure does make a difference, sometimes... particularly when dealing with civilized countries like Finland.

HKMGB said...

Hang on - can't people be jailed for having certain views about Jews?????

I believe they can! Where's the freedom of speach in that?


Caroline Mojonnier said...

Love your blog, thanks for the comments! I tried acting school once, the liberals scared me off. You've got heart!

Blazingcatfur said...

Bruce Bawer - you may wish to read While Europe Slept, visit his site at Very scary stuff.

Incognito said...! Not in this country LAMBENT.

Thanks for stopping by, as well, MOJO. :-)

Hey BCF. Did you read the book? I checked out his blog and his site. Thanks. By the way, he wrote a seething article about D'Souza.. didn't you say you like him?

KGS said...

Hi Incognito,

You left a comment on my blog the tundra Tabloids, so I followed up and found your blog. Your tale of intimidation by anti-conservatives in the arts world is seconded by Evan Sayet, he answered an email of mine and said:

"If the repsonse of my Holloywood "friends" is any indication I may be in Finland tomorrow soon and forever"

So it's no wonder why you chose to remain anonymous, in my opinion it's a smart move. I know well placed academics here in Finland who remain silent about their disgust for the extreme radicalism of their collegues.

The problem here in Finland, is the relatively little known phenomenon of how high placed Stalinists had managed to climb in academia and in politics. Quite shoking really. It in part explains why the younger generation is so anti-US and anti-Israel. Years of indoctrination by the learning institutions and the media has done its work.

I know it's worse in Sweden, but that thought doesn't comfort folks like me here in Finland.

As for Finland for Thought blog, Phil (who I know) is a libertarian but many of the Finns who frequent the blog are not. They absolutely hate conservatives and it really shows in their mean spiritedness.

Please stop by the Tundra Tabloids often, you and yours are always welcome.

p.s. the guy who intitiated the witch hunt against Mikko Ellilä is a kind of a Maximilien Robespierre who hell bent on stamping out any kind of discussion or criticism on Islam. MORE THAN LIKELY he is taken in by all the dissembling being done by the leaders of the Islamic community here.

Anyways....cheers from the T-Tabloids

Paula said...

Hey You!
Thanks so much for your blog, I am so non political - I find it frustrating. As a (UK) cynic, I feel swamped by LACK of choice or power, and therefore let the whole thing go over my head in resignation. It usually turns me off. - BUT I pass by your pages often, and you have done it again...written something that strikes me so deep, rattles my cage and starts me wondering What Are My Beliefs? It feels good to have a bit of 'fire in my belly' about issues and actually find myself getting excited that I am beginning to question things again, and try to identify what my heart stands for....Something I have not asked myself for a very long time....I am enjoying the ride! Thnx

Troika said...

No, not in your country, but in many parts of Europe. Finland is in Europe, by the way.

Blazingcatfur said...

It's funny I just posted about a an austrian initiative to grant "personhood" status to Apes.. well glad to see Europe hs its priorities straight.

Bawers book is revealing, A gay man who moved to Europe to esacape the perceived advent of an american neocon theocracy only to receive a distressing dose of reality.

D'souza is often right, his latest work caused much consternation with its assertion that social conservatives have common cause with elements of Islam.

Incognito said...

Thanks for stopping by and enlightening me, KGS/TT-

We have the same thing here in Academia.. as for our politics, they might not be self-proclaimed Stalinists, but close to.

Our left has a tendency to be mean-spirited, as well. I find civility in dialogue garners more understanding than vitriol.
But, Mikko's post that he is being brought in for, is not very nice. Still and all, as long as he is not inciting violence, he has the right to say what he wants, even if I wholeheartedly disagree.

Incognito said...

Hiya Paula,

I think that's what is so important about blogs.. we might not always agree with what people write (and I'm sure many disagree with my politics) but it's important to get people thinking. We inspire each other, and that's wonderful! You inspire people with YOUR journey. That's very important.

Always question! :-)

Incognito said...

TROIKA- What? Finland isn't the 52nd State? Canada's the 51st. I thought Finland was the 52nd!!
You called us Hypocrites, hence my response. Doh.

BCF- Out of the frying pan, so to speak re. Bawer?!