Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hamas defies orders- Set to air Mickey 'I love terrorism' Mouse children's programme on Friday

Well, isn't this typical:

RAMALLAH, West Bank -- A Hamas-run television channel has defied a Palestinian government request to axe a controversial children's cartoon in which a Mickey Mouse look-alike urges resistance against Israel.

Looks like Farfur 'the fake' is back in business, ready to preach his message of hate (in that squeaky little voice of his) to the kiddies of Palestine. An official at Al-Aqsa TV has said the station will air "Tomorrow's [terrorist] Pioneers" at 4.00 pm, claiming that "Mustafa Barghouti [information minister] misunderstood the issue." Hmm. What issue might that be? That it's okay, after all, to incite violence, and glorify and encourage Islamic world domination, because heck, we're a terrorist organization and we can do whatever we darn well please? And if you don't like it, we'll just blow you up, like we do anyone who happens to disagree with our terrorist agenda?

And the international media is whitewashing the whole issue, according to LGF. You Tube also removed the video, for a while. When I tried to access it earlier this afternoon, a message stated the video had been removed due to terms of usage violation. Same thing happened to LGF. It looks like it's back on, although who knows for how long. It's still accessible at Palestinian Media Watch.

It did seem too good to be true. We're not dealing with reasonable people, after all. I just wonder what's up with the Disney folk! They running scared, as well?

H/T: Elderofzyion


WomanHonorThyself said...

dont trust them as far as u can throw a piano!...what a freak show they are..propagandizing children like that..spit!

Incognito said...

Me neither, Angel. Don't trust any of them! Isn't that despicable. To do that to your children. Then again, they're the one's who strap the bombs onto their kids. What a mentality,

Papa J said...

There can be no doubt that hate is usually taught and not inherant. I think that you are doing the right thing about it though. Expose it for what it is. Too bad there isn't an easy way to get a message back to the evil people. How do you give THEM a clue? (Without starting another war in theri country.)

Incognito said...

That is what's so sad and pathetic and reprehensible, PAPA J. That a supposedly 'loving' parent would teach their children hate, knwoing what that does to someone. (And I'd agree it *is* usually taught.)
Which makes it even more evident that they have no desire for peace.
I don't think you can reason with people with that kind of mindset. They think they are so totally justified in their hatred.
No idea what solution there is.

As you can see, the world was outraged about this one particular programme, but there are plenty more. I have seen snippets. And they acquiesced (to world opinion), but only for a moment. Not sure there *is* anything that can be done. Their hatred runs too deep. Pray, I guess.

T said...

Remember: We can only control what we can put our hands on or destroy. We cannot reach these people (radical Muslims) both physically and verbally, so we're sol.

Eventually, it will come down to "do unto them which they try (and sometimes succeed) to do to us, -but at a much more successful rate" (my own modified semi-popular spew). Not that I want this (whole terrorism crap) to come to that, but whatever works we must use. Being nice with these idiots only gets us killed and that cannot continue to happen.

I love my country, friends and especially my family, and want to do whatever it takes to keep us safe. These maniacs only love the thought of eliminating us and whatever it takes to do so. See the contrast?

There, I've vented. I just don't want anyone to think of me as a pansy-a**. (I'm actually a somewhat understanding fellow... -at least I think so.)

PaulaBXX said...

I read as a clipit in a UK national newspaper yesterday, that The grand daughter of Walt 'the man' Disney, has verbalised her disapproval. Hmmmmmmmm

Blazing Cat Fur said...

This is ironic - a piece on Disney's Nazi sympathies and anti-semitism,

Incognito said...

I agree, T, appeasement has never worked. history has proven that. and playing nice doesn't work with someone who refuses to play nice. I hope it doesn't come down to what you've described, but I certainly won't take it lying down, either!

Vent as much as you like.

Incognito said...

I had read that too, PAULA, but obviously it hasn't had much impact on Hamas.

Thanks for the link, BCF. I had heard that about him. Does make the whole issue interesting. Though times have changed for the Disney World, since Walt passed on.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Aw, heck, it is all our fault, anyways...

Incognito said...

Yup..SNoopy, blame everything on Israel and the U.S. Why not.