Friday, May 18, 2007

Windows Live-Writer (Beta)

For those of you with Windows, here's an option for you.  I have been using this for the blog on my personal website, that I post to occasionally, and the great thing about it, is you can compose your posts off-line. The down-side is that unless you have an FTP site for your images, photos etc. it will not upload images to blogger.  However, after publishing, you can always access the post on blogger and add images from there.

You might want to check it out. 

This is my first post using it, so I'm still experimenting.  I'm sure I will also use blogger to compose, but until they get the Auto-Save in gear, think I will continue to use this.  


Panhandle Poet said...

I've been composing directly into Blogger. Most of the time I also have several other Tabs going though to jump back-and-forth for references, copying, URL's, etc. So far it is working. I keep waiting to see what you're going to post on the madness in Middle East...

lizze said...

I have used Windows Live-Writer for a long time and I think it is great! Never ever has it faulted me. If I need to make a correction, I just change it and republish it.

I use Wordpress and there is also a Fickr widget to it that makes Photo arrangement very easy to use.

Incognito said...

PAN: Just having too many problems with blogger since the new autosave, so trying to figure out how to use Live-Writer with blogger. When it gets settled I'll go back to it. I do want to write about the madness..

Hey LIZZE: I just posted something else with Live-Writer.. it's kind of cool.. just don't like not being able to add photos. I also don't know if you can add video clips from You-Tube. we'll see.