Wednesday, May 02, 2007

John Edwards Feeling Pretty

Is this for real? And if so, you'd think with a $400.00 haircut you wouldn't need to primp so much.

Sure he's getting ready for an interview, but heck, I don't primp this much before I go on-camera or on-stage. I would hope people focus their attention on the acting and not what my hair, make-up or costume look like. If someone notices a run in my stockings then I'm in big trouble.

It's all about substance not appearance.


WomanHonorThyself said...

substance?..since when do politicians need that hun? one!

Incognito said...

Yeah, I know.. But one can still hope.. along with everything else... :-)

lizze said...

hihi ... funny
I think all politicians are vain so that goes probably for both republicans and democrats
The lesson is not to all of this in front of the camera ... no risk of ending up on YouTube that way.

John Edwards is on Twitter, as well as Barack Obama so that is plus points!

Pat Jenkins said...

not if you don't have any substances

Incognito said...

What's Twitter, Lizze? Maybe I'll google it. Have to love google. And you are probably right.. they're probably all vain to a certain extent, but this takes the cake. I thought it was a look-alike, but it's him. I think men are far more into primping than women.. ;-)

And very true Pat!

lizze said...

Twitter is cool. It is a bit hard to explain but easy to use. The user types in a short message of 140 Characters and it gets send to the people that follow you. You receive messages from people that you follow. Its free :)

I am on

Incognito said...

thanks LIZZE, will check it out.. :-) Sounds interesting.