Sunday, May 20, 2007

Swiss Supermarket Chain sells undies and arranges dates of the human kind

Wow, what a concept! The Swiss cooperative and supermarket chain Migros has come up with an extremely innovative idea for a one-stop, on-line shopping experience: You can get your photos developed, buy your food, office supplies, order a couple of magazines, some underwear, vie for a date with the underwear model, and hopefully, if all works out, you can book that romantic get-away vacation for 2! All without leaving the comfort of your room.

Yup, besides all its other enterprises (and there are plenty) Migros has created a website where you can purchase their Migros brand male and female undies and, if ya like what you see, email the boys and girls modeling the boxers and bras for potential dates. Out of 700 or so applicants from across Switzerland, only 26 men and women were chosen to model the company's summer underwear line, and set up on-line profiles. And they're certainly a varied lot from Sereina, 25 a Comedienne to Mark, 35 a Policeman.

Move over, on Migros you can actually see your future mate in their skivvies! Sigh.

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