Thursday, May 24, 2007

JOKE OF THE DAY: John Edwards- charges $55,000 fee to speak to UC Davis students about poverty

How ironic! Democratic Presidential hopeful, John Edwards, charged a $55,000 speakers fee to chat to 1,787 people at the, taxpayer funded, University of California at Davis last year about.... ta da.... poverty! The speech entitled "Poverty, the Great Moral issue Facing America," [is it immoral to be poor?] was funded by sponsors with ticket sales ranging from $17.50 to $45.00 per ticket! Granted, this was prior to announcing his presidential bid, but it seems excessively high for a student population. And ironies of ironies is that, of the 9 speaking engagements at various colleges and universities last year, he charged the most for this particular one about "Poverty". I wonder if he had one of those $400.00 haircuts prior to his appearance? He grossed more than $285,000 on the university circuit, in 2006, with fees from $12,000 to the $55,000 received from U.C. Davis.

John Edwards, recently recommended an educational policy that would remove "every financial barrier" for any American who chooses to go to college, and yet the public U.C. system is raising tuition by 7% next year. Maybe if they refused to pay such high speakers' fees they wouldn't have to raise the tuition rates.

So, we have an ex-personal injury lawyer who is worth millions, lives in a brand new $6 million, 29,000 square-foot mansion in North Carolina, gets $400 haircuts, charges a public university $55,000 to speak to students on poverty, and enrolled at a highly profitable hedge fund, to ahem....learn about poverty. Sure, I'll buy that.

Yeah, he's really in touch with the common man. Just what America needs.


Righty64 said...

If you think that is something, today the vacant mind of John Edwards declared that there is no war against terror. Go to I posted on it. Also, there is a book review in the New Republic on a book by Bob Shrum, who ran the Kerry campaign, dishing some real dirt on Edwards, hence his "vacant mind" Oh well, he may have to go back to chasing ambulances when he loses the Democrat nomination

Pat Jenkins said...

good post!! i was going to comment on Mr. Edwards extrvagance on my own blog tomorrow!!! bye the way when is opening night and what production are we staring in?

Chris McClure aka Panhandle Poet said...

Sure, he's in touch with the common man. But it's a light touch -- like a pick-pocket!

MUD said...

Methinks you don't have enough information to fully analyze the situation. Being in the performance realm you should understand that if there were 1787 people attending at $17.50 @ it raised $31,272. If they paid $45 @ it raised $80,000.I would suggest that it paid most of the $55,000. fee If it was self supporting what do we care? If it truly didn't, he won't be invited back. Oh, it was the left Coast, he'll be back with bells on. I think Al or John lecturing on poverty is like Hugh Hefner lecturing on virginity. MUD

Frasier said...

Extravagance!!Very interesting post!!
My husband is a barber and will die when I tell him that some barber out there charges $400.00 for a mans haircut !Whats his hair made of ?Or does my husband have cheap customers ???

Unknown said...

Hey Inc - who is that Jkaiseresquire guy in your Mybloglog reader? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww;)

Frasier said...

Hi there,
I nominated you for best political blog and you already have 2 votes.If you put a vote now link,people could vote for it.

T said...

Mr. Edwards made a big mistake! -If he had booked UC Berkely, he would've made alot more!!

With the exception of Hollywood, it's common knowledge to Californians that the more north you travel through California, the more liberal (and wealthy) the followers of Democratic politics get.

Another note: Me, being white and making a little too much money according to the "system", CANNOT AFFORD to send my son to a California University. Things did work out however, since he gets to go to a local State College where he has made the soccer team (his main concern).

And where is this barber shop ol' Slickwards got this famous dew? I was thinking of trading-in my current occupational environment for a new, more lucrative "stylings".

Incognito said...

RIGHTY64: My sister said she was watching an interview with Edwards today and had to shut it off because he was talking like Neville Chamberlain about appeasing the Muslims and how it was all Bush's fault. He'll never win the Nom. Thank goodness. But still. we're in trouble if a Dem wins.

Incognito said...

PAT J: We open June 16th... Yikes. None of us have even started memorizing cos it's still being re-written. Happy to say all the changes I requested got done. :-) It's actually a world premiere by an unknown writer.. so we shall see.

PANHANDLE: indeed, I just have a hard time with hypocrites.

MUD: Actually all info was from several sources (linked). They actually made reference to $31.00 as the average ticket, I chose to mention the range from $17.50 to $45.00. which I think stinks. Tickets should have been free or $5.00 for students, particularly in light of the subject matter and his wealth. I find even $17.50 a lot of money for a lecture. Just my 2 cents.

Incognito said...

FRASYPOO: You are so sweet. I am honored you'd do that. I had seen that and wondered how I got there. I think 2 is probably all I'll get, but that's cool. Thank you!!
Maybe your hubby needs to start charging more. :-)

T:You're probably right! :-) Very cool. yeah, I knew, from my L.A. days that partic. the Bay area folk are quite wealthy and liberal. Congrats on your son making the soccer team,and State colleges are just fine. That's where I went!
Maybe we should all get into hairstyling for celebs.

WomanHonorThyself said...

lol..omg..this is really funny!..good find too hun!

Anonymous said...

C'mon Incog,
Its not immoral to be poor. Its immoral to work hard, take responsibility, and then profit from it!

Incognito said...

Of course it's not immoral to be poor. That was my point. And I don't think it's immoral to work hard and make money, as long as you are responsible and give back. Just my 2 cents.