Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Afghan Schoolgirl Gunned Down By Taliban

A 10th grade schoolgirl in Kapisa province in Afghanistan was murdered by the Taliban. Although they have yet to fess up to the crime, who else would target a young female trying to educate herself? Anisa was also helping with the polio campaign, which the Taliban frowns upon. In Pakistan  and certain parts of Afghanistan, the Taliban have outright banned it.

The young girl was on her way home from school when she was gunned down by a group of men.

According to Kapisa Head of Women's Affairs Saifoora Koohestani:

"This girl was tenth grade student of Mahmoud Raqi Girls High School in the second part of Koohestan, Kapisa Province. This girl was not only a student, but also a volunteer worker for the (Ministry of) Public Health in the polio campaign," she said.

Malala, now Anisa.

How many more will be murdered by a bunch of cowards, afraid of young girls?

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