Wednesday, December 12, 2012

France's 'Generation Identitaire' Occupy Mosque In Poitier

The French youth are in revolt, fighting to save their country, a country they feel will soon no longer be theirs. Blaming it on multiculturalism gone bad, and the baby boomers who currently run the country who are enabling that to happen, they formed Generation Identitaire.  Back in October about 73 young men and women occupied the site of a future mosque in Poitiers, the city where Charles Martel defeated the marauding invading Muslims centuries ago. They stood on the roof holding a banner demanding a referendum on Muslim immigration and construction of mosques. The 732 on their banner is the year Martel defeated the Muslims.

They insist they are not racist, simply trying to maintain their heritage and their nation from becoming a Sharia-ridden land of Muslim immigrants. They believe assimilation is impossible now, with dangerous 'no-go zones' or Zones Urbaines Sensibles (Sensitive Urban Zones) that have become exclusively Muslim.

But it's not just the youth that are fearful and pissed off, as a recent demonstration against Islamic fascism in Paris proved. French writer Renaud Camus believes France is "being colonized by Muslim immigrants", with the help of the French government and the media.

It's a shame that it's come to this, but I don't blame them. They want to retain their culture and values, and they have every right to.

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