Tuesday, December 11, 2012

CAIR Targeting SUBWAY Sandwich Chain For Barring Muslim Couple

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has the fast food restaurant chain SUBWAY (eat fresh) in its crosshairs. It wants an apology and investigation into an incident that occurred at one of its franchises in Louisiana.

Apparently, CAIR is unhappy with how a 63-year-old retired Muslim and his wife were treated at a Shreveport SUBWAY. The man, a U.S. citizen who happens to be of South Asian heritage and lives in New Orleans, stopped off at the Shreveport restaurant for a bite to eat with his wife, but first they paid a visit to the restrooms. The husband then walked outside to wait for his wife. Why? Who knows. One would think that one would wait for one's spouse inside the restaurant, but no, this man did not. When the husband tried to get back inside:

....[he] was blocked at the door by a female SUBWAY employee who allegedly asked him "Are you Muslim?" When the victim replied that he is indeed Muslim, the SUBWAY employee reportedly responded, "We can't serve you." The employee then went inside the restaurant and locked the door behind her. Fearing for his wife's safety and distraught at the violation of his civil rights, the man called 911.
When the Shreveport Police Department arrived, an officer went inside the SUBWAY restaurant and later came out to tell the victim that the manager was "scared" of him and that he "better leave."

According to the CAIR call to action:

[NOTE: The victim is 5'6" and weighs approximately 155 pounds. He wears an Islamic cap, called a "kufi," and a beard for religious reasons. His wife, a teacher, wears an Islamic headscarf, or "hijab."]
He might only be 5'6" and 155 pounds, but that height and weight hasn't stopped young suicide bombers from blowing up establishments. Perhaps had the husband not gone outside to wait, the manager of the store might not have been so wary. Things have changed since 9/11. We have become hyper vigilant because of the continued violence perpetrated in the name of Islam.  On the one hand I feel bad for the old man, it can't be fun to be discriminated against, but it's not our fault we've become fearful.

CAIR is therefore calling on "all people of conscience" to write the president and CEO of SUBWAY, Fred DeLuca demanding an apology.  CAIR's National Legal Counsel  Nadhira Al-Khalili has already written to DeLuca requesting that Subway:

 (1) investigate this troubling incident, (2) offer a formal written apology to the victim and his wife, (3) institute policy changes that will ensure that this type of incident does not occur in the future, (4) offer compensation to the victim and his wife for the humiliation and emotional distress caused by the SUBWAY employee and the police, and (5) participate in a corporate religious sensitivity program for franchise managers.

A copy of the letter was sent to Chief Willie L. Shaw, Jr. of the Shreveport Police Department and to the U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division.
First of all, this was one incident at one SUBWAY, and the man called the police. Corporate should not be responsible for its franchise owners' actions.

Compensation and religious sensitivity programs?  I hope SUBWAY doesn't cave.

UPDATE:  Van Grungy, in the comments below, has some interesting information.  Apparently, the owner of that particular SUBWAY happens to be a Republican congressman John Fleming, and his side of the story is very different to the one told by the Muslim couple, who have now been identified as Mohammad and Talat Husain.  They allegedly left a mess in the bathroom and were bucking for a confrontation. And according to Fleming, the employee did not ask if  Talat was a Muslim and security video can prove that.

The whole story seemed suspect.


Van Grungy said...

Talking Points Memo had this up for a while.

The Subway is owned by a Republican Congressman.

Check it out. I dumped all over their comment parade.

They were 'shocked' that CAIR got involved. It put a real damper on TPM's witch hunt.

I told them, if CAIR is involved, it's probably a setup

considering that CAIR is targeting the Republican Party for forced infiltration, it's almost a given that THAT Subway was targeted.

Van Grungy said...

Rep. John Fleming pushed back publicly on Wednesday against a Muslim couple who said they were discriminated against at a Subway restaurant owned by the Louisiana Republican.

Fleming told The Baton Rouge Advocate newspaper that Mohammad and Talat Husain were denied service on Nov. 21 at the Shreveport, La. shop because they left a “big mess” in the bathroom, provoked employees and were scaring away other customers.

Incognito said...

Van Grungy: Thank you for the details. It did all seem suspect, especially when CAIR gets involved. I read the comments on the link you gave me. So many fools who just have no clue.

Will update my post with your info.