Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Santa Is A Democrat- According to PPP National Poll

Hope Santa brought you some goodies. And speaking of Santa, here's some Christmas silliness.

Public Policy Polling, out of Raleigh, NC,  wasted its time asking American voters their opinions on various holiday themed questions as they related to politics.

It seems 44% of the American people think Santa Claus is a Democrat. Is that surprising? No, since about 47% of U.S. citizens, per Mitt Romney, are into the free stuff. It would make sense, then, that since Santa is the purveyor of free gifts and so are the Democrats they would think of Saint Nick as a Democrat. Only 28% think of him as a Republican, and 28% haven't a clue, or just don't care.

People believe both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will receive gifts from Santa this Christmas rather than that lump of coal, but it seems Romney will rake in more booty than Obama.

63% Gifts
37% Lump of coal

51% Gifts
49% Lump of coal

Interesting to note that Obama's gifts to coal margin is approximately the same margin of votes with which he won the election.

47% believe there is a "war on Christmas", 40% don't agree, while 13% haven't a clue, or also just don't care.

54% are worried that the "fiscal cliff" will "force Santa to cut back on the benefits he provides", while 35% are not worried and 11% are not sure. The American people can rest assured, however, that the American government will continue to dole out its freebies, fiscal cliff or not.

And to determine the moral compass of the country we have the following bizarre questions:

If Grandma got run over by a reindeer, would
you press charges against Santa, or not?

24% would press charges, 61% would not, 15% were not sure.

If you saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus, would
you tell Daddy?

43% would tell Daddy, 40% would not, and 17% were not sure.

As for whether people believe in Santa Claus or not? 52% do, 45% don't, and 3% aren't sure.

And Santa came out tops, by a huge margin, over the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, Leprechauns and Cupid in terms of "Which character do you think could most plausibly exist"

Of the voters polled, 36% were Democrats, 36% Republican and 28% Independent. That is if the respondents were truthful about their political affiliation.

Click here for the full report and results.

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