Monday, December 31, 2012

France's Charlie Hebdo Magazine To Publish Life Of Mohammed

Charlie Hebdo's back again. This time the French magazine plans on tackling the life and times of Prophet Mohammed.  Charlie Hebdo's editor Stephane Charbonnier (aka Charb) still has a fatwa on his head after he published several cartoons in a September issue - including one of a naked Mohammed- that had the usual suspects outraged, particularly since they were already revved up about that anti-Islam film. Since then he's had to live under police protection, as so many others do who dare to push the boundaries of freedom of expression when it comes to conservative Muslims. But this time Charb is resting easy, so he says.

“It is a biography authorized by Islam since it was edited by Muslims" [snip]  “I don’t think higher Muslim minds could find anything inappropriate."

The biography will be published Wednesday and was put together by a Franco-Tunisian researcher known only as Zineb, Charb said.

The publisher said the idea for the comic book came to him in 2006 when a newspaper in Denmark published cartoons of Mohammed, later republished by Charlie Hebdo, drawing angry protests across the Muslim world.

“Before having a laugh about a character, it’s better to know him. As much as we know about the life of Jesus, we know nothing about Mohammed,” Charb said.
Well, I guess he still knows nothing about Islam because the not-so-higher minds are going to be just as infuriated about the cartoon biography as they were about a naked Mohammed since drawing the Prophet is haram (forbidden).  Then again, there's nothing more they can threaten him with.

Now we just wait to see what happens next.

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