Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Conservative Canadian Blogger Needs Help With Legal Defense Fund

Conservative Canadian blogger BlazingCatFur is being sued. Here's a little background on the Section 13 he refers to. It's gone now, but he's still being sued by Richard Warman, who worked for Section 13. Here's a website dedicated to Richard Warman and his witch hunts.

If you have a little extra cash, maybe you can put a few bucks into his kitty for his legal defense fund.  This could happen to any of us, we need to rally around our fellow bloggers when in need.

Hi All,

As many of you are aware my legal tussle, the fallout from our victory over Section 13 (1), with Richard Warman continues. Warman is suing for libel, largely for comments made by multiple readers. Trial is approaching in the New Year and anticipated costs will escalate by a very significant degree.

While I take no pleasure in asking for your help I must if we are to continue to fight. If everyone who visits this blog on a daily basis were to donate 20 Dollars our situation would be vastly improved.

If you enjoy reading Blazingcatfur please donate, your help is needed.

I want to thank all of you for your ongoing support, it means a great deal to both K and I. It isn't always an easy task to provide a forum such as this where the voices of ordinary people can be heard without fear or censure by the petty tyrants in our midst. I will keep on keeping on so long as you want me.

Merry Christmas everyone from Me, K and Pip.

To make a donation by PayPal please click the Paypal Kitty Treat pic on the sidebar or use email -

Donations may also be made via email/interac money transfers, again using

If you wish to make a donation by cheque and send it via the mail:

The cheque must be made payable to "Bersenas Jacobsen In Trust"

You must address the envelope as follows:

Bersenas Jacobsen C/O Blazingcatfur Legal Defense Fund
33 Yonge St., Suite 201
Toronto, ON M5E 1G4,

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