Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Australia's Gun Control Law Prompts Higher Crime Rates

As expected, the gun control debate has been dominating my Facebook feed. This is one of the photos that has been circulating:

Everyone has been touting Australia's gun control laws. Yes, the mass shootings have stopped, but apparently crime has increased, according to the report below.


Mark Jackaman said...

Australia and New Zealand confronted the mass shooting phenomenon at the same time. New Zealand reformed their police but did not ban firearms. Australia banned firearms and reformed their police forces. Mass shootings stopped in both countries. t was nit the ban that stopped them. Australia's police forces are now lasing back into smug inaction and violence is increasing. It has always been failed policing that causes violence.

Incognito said...

It's a contentious issue, and who knows where the real problem lies. Violence is most definitely increasing. I think we are becoming desensitized. All very sad.

Thanks for your input.