Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tunisian Cleric Wants Allah To Kill All The Jews

"Muslims, Christians, Jews, we are all Tunisians"

In 1956 there were approximately 100,000 Jews in Tunisia, that was the year the country gained its independence from France. Now, some sixty years later, only 1,500 or so remain, with continuing attrition. And no wonder. With imams like Sheikh Ahmad Al-Suhayli more will undoubtedly leave.

Suhayli hates the Jews. Not only does he want them out of his country, he wants them totally annihilated, and he said as much in a sermon on Hannibal TV on November 30 after the Hamas/Israeli ceasefire.

"O Allah, you know what those accursed Jews have done, the corruption they spread across Earth... Strike them so that there is not one of them left. Allah, make the men and women sterile." 

 As a result, Kais Baltagi, a lawyer for an association that advocates for minorities in Tunisia, has filed a complaint with authorities.

"We have lodged a complaint with the court of the first instance in Ben Arous against the imam of Rades mosque, Sheikh Ahmed S'hili, for inciting hatred."

Apparently, Suhayli could face up to three years in jail for using media to:

"incite hatred between races, religions and people."

And people wonder why the Jews gravitate to Israel. If they can't live in their homelands because of this kind of abuse and persecution where else are they going to go?

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