Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Saudi Preacher Needs Psychiatric Help, Says Kids TV Channel He Targeted For Boycott

Saudi Sheikh Muhammad al-Arifi, a popular cleric who has plentiful videos on YouTube, believes that the programming on MBC3- the children's channel of Middle East Broadcasting Center- is promoting "atheism and corruption", so he told parents to ban their children from watching it. He posted on Twitter:

"It is prohibited to enable your child to watch MBC3 children; its scenes are full of ideas of atheism and corruption; remove it now; your child is in your care.”
And MBC3 is fighting back, calling his post:

"tendentious and far from reality altogether." 
This, along with a previous ludicrous fatwa where Arifi told father's that since their daughters might tempt them into lust, they must never remain alone with their progeny, prompted MBC3 to recommend Arifi  get psychiatric help.

"Words cannot describe such mentality and such rationale, especially that it is coming from individuals who should be at the psychiatric hospital to treat abnormal thinking instead of issuing fatwas."

In addition to the MBC3 fatwa, Arifi called for a boycott of all MBC's advertisers. Hypocritical, to some, since the Sheikh has a programme on a competing channel that not only has similar programming, it also has Western content.

As for the father/daughter fatwa, he definitely needs psychiatric help for that one. One can only assume his inner pedophile was rearing its ugly head.

Arifi is also the one who put his foot in it when he criticised the Emir of Kuwait as unfit:

In October, he posted a statement on Twitter describing the Emir of Kuwait as unfit to rule and urged demonstrations against him. In his opinion, Emir Sheikh Sabah does not satisfy the religious conditions of an Islamic ruler.
He later backtracked on his statement following mounting anger against him in Kuwait. In a Twitter post he urged Kuwaitis to “let bygones be bygones.”

MBC3 content appeals to 3 to 13 year-olds.

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