Thursday, December 13, 2012

Union Thuggery In Michigan Over "Right To Work"- Hot Dog Vendor Called "N" Word & Property Destroyed

Unions are showing their nasty side in Michigan after lawmakers there passed the "Right To Work" bill.  James Hoffa, President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, has said there will be "civil war" in the state, and Democratic state representative Douglas Geiss warned his fellow reps in the House that things could get violent.

“There will be blood. There will be repercussions." "If 10 people walk in and say I’m not going to pay dues anymore, there’s going to be fights."
He then went on to remind them of the violence during the 1930s when unions were just starting out. And if the rallies in Lansing are any indication of what's to come, it could get very nasty. Steven Crowder, Fox News contributor, discovered just how nasty they can get when he was sucker punched by a union goon as a group of pro-union protesters tore down the Americans For Prosperity (AFP) tent, with people still inside.

But that's not the worst of it, hot dog vendor Clint Tarver- an institution in the capital- had his hot dog stand destroyed by several angry union members because he was catering for the AFP group, even though he was just doing a job and not affiliated politically. Besides destroying his property, they also called him the "N" word, since Tarver is black.

As expected, the generous American people have pulled together to help Tarver out. Since Lorilea Susanne set up a donation page on GoFundMe, over $23,000 has been raised, so far, to help get him back on his feet.

So, here we have a bunch of white union members (who are predominately Democratic) destroying the property of a black man who is just trying to make an honest buck, and hurling racial epithets at him. And they call the Republicans racist?  

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