Saturday, December 01, 2012

Saudi Cleric Calls Hardee's Female Servers Prostitutes

It's odd to think that a Saudi Cleric would have a Twitter account, but Sheikh Ali Al Mutairi does, and he's receiving a lot of flak for tweeting that the newly-hired female servers at Hardee's fast food restaurants in Jeddah are nothing more than prostitutes. Apparently, there had been some tweets about boycotting the U.S. fast food chain (yes, very odd they have Hardee's in the Kingdom) and he decided to pipe in, as well, about the new hiring practices. Naturally they're covered head to toe (see photo) because all women in Saudi Arabia are, but the fact they are mingling with men makes them whores, or potentially so. After all, interacting with the opposite sex naturally leads to prostitution. Or so they think.

Al Mutairi said:

“At the beginning of her shift she’s a waitress. When her shift ends she becomes a prostitute. The more she’s around men the easier it becomes to get closer to her”

Wow, Hardee's waitress by day, skanky ho by night.

Al-Mutairi (@4aalmutairi) has a whopping 5,000 plus followers, but not all of them were too pleased with his asinine remark.

“Prostitution is not in working trying to survive but it is in corrupted minds that use religion to distort other’s reputation,” posted one male in response to Mutar’s tweet.

“Prostitute? So any female employee in my country is a whore now?” wrote a female tweep by the handle of @Sulafa_97.

Many commented by telling Sheikh Al Mutairi that through doubting the morality of ‘chaste’ women and describing them in the way he did, the cleric would be committing a serious vice, according to well-known Islamic teachings.

Another tweep posted pictures of some Hardee’s waitresses posted over social media by saying “These women are all covered up that I wouldn’t look at them, plus if your sister goes to that restaurant would you prefer a man or a woman taking her order?”

His pronouncement even merited a hashtag, and Al-Mutairi actually responded to those criticizing him:

“In the name of God, I have seen this hashtag and some are asking to apologise because they think I have defamed Hardee’s waitresses – the truth is I warned from the dangers of sexes mixing, at the beginning she is a waitress and in the end they will want her to become a prostitute and between are the devil’s steps.”
“As for hypocrites who shave their beards and moustache (a common way of describing liberals in Saudi Arabia), there is no apology for them because their zeal isn’t for God,” he added.

Ah, ignorance is bliss. That country has such a very long way to go before it joins the 19th century.

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