Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tunisian Cleric Denies Calling For Wiping Out The Jews

Sheikh Ahmad Al-Suhayli, the Tunisian cleric who called for wiping out the Jews in a sermon which was broadcast on Hannibal TV denies he said any such thing. Nope. He was not talking about killing them all. Not at all calling on killing Tunisian Jews. He was only talking about:

"...a sect of Jews that was mentioned in the Quran." "was talking about their digression from the path and laws of Allah, and their distortion of his words."
I guess it matters not to Suhayli that since they were NOT Muslims, they had every right to digress from those laws and path. And because they were naughty Jews they deserved what they got, back in the day.

"That sect, mentioned in Quran, justly earned the wrath and punishments of Allah." [for killing some Muslim prophets] "These are Quranic facts. These are the words of Allah."

Referring to that evil Jewish sect that he claims still exists in Palestine:

"These are the extremist racist Zionists, who have been killing and slaughtering the Palestinian people for decades.  They have occupied their lands and trampled their honor.  Everybody in the world knows this."
"Then I called upon the Islamic nation to assume its responsibility regarding these continuous attacks." "I absolutely did not call to kill the Jews- I did not call to kill them all. Obviously, some among them are peaceful."
I would venture to say that he believes that those "Zionist Jews" are fair game.

Then he talks about anti-Zionist Jews, probably referring to the wacko, self-loathing Jews  Neturei Karta (who also happen to be holocaust deniers of sorts), and  how in Islam, Muslims are not allowed to harm non-Muslims (even though they do) because:

"Islam is a religion that preaches tolerance and non-violence." 

And yes it is, for some.  Canadian Tarek Fateh comes to mind.

Of course Suhayli's backtracking has more to do with the lawsuit filed against him by a group in Tunisia that advocates for minorities, and the Facebook page "Ennahda Made Me Hate Islam."  He was horrified to find his photo posted along with comments like: "Tunisian criminal of jahili origins calls to kill our Jewish Tunisian people."

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