Tuesday, December 18, 2012

American Rapping Jihadist Gets Chastised By Somalia's Al-Shabaab

Oh-oh, looks like Alabama born Abu Mansoor al-Amriki (fka Omar Hammami), the jihadist-cum-rapper living in Somalia, has formally become persona-non-grata with his fellow jihadists al-Shabaab.  28-year-old al-Amriki- born in Daphne, Alabama to a Southern Baptist mom of Irish descent and a Syrian Muslim dad- moved to Somalia in 2006 to join the fight to kill Kuffars (infidels) and Islamize the country. He left behind in Egypt a Somali-born/Canadian woman he had met and married while living in Canada, and their child.

Rapping (badly) to recruit American jihadis to the cause, he started to have problems with al-Shabaab this year, or so he claims. Back in May he let it be known that he feared for his life, and Hammami's mommy Debra told ABC news that she still loved him in spite of his terrorist ways, and wanted him home.  It seems al-Shabaab finally made it official and have "publicly chastised", something they claim they did not want to do.

“Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki does not, in any way, shape or form, represent the views of the mujahedeen in Somalia,” a statement posted via a link on the Shebab’s Twitter site read.
The “superficial allegations” made in the videos and statements are “the results of personal grievances that stem purely from a narcissistic pursuit of fame,” the statement added.

Yes, even terrorists have Twitter and Facebook accounts it seems.

Here's the whole statement, in case you are interested.

Apparently, al-Amriki wanted more fame than al-Shabaab was willing to bestow upon him.

“The jihadi theatre nevertheless accommodates people of all sorts. Some, above others, occasionally rise to prominence often with little merit save for their uniqueness,” the statement read.
“Contrary to portraits of the grand strategist, recruiter and fundraiser portrayed by the Western media, Abu Mansur Al-Amriki does not hold any position of authority.”

Maybe mommy will get her wish, he'll move back and have a nice career as a prison rapper.

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